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Color Analysis Will Change Your Life!

Did you know that the psychology behind color attracts attention and emotional response? A recent Canadian study shows that 90% of consumer first impressions come from an assessment of color. The color you wear also impacts the way you perceive yourself — your self-confidence, your comfort, and your energy. If you want to be noticed and remembered when you walk into a room keep reading this post.

The importance of color

We live in a world full of color, which makes it important that we learn how to utilize color as an asset. Colors alert the brain by sending subliminal messages. The colors you wear can make or break your image. Studies show that when you’re wearing the right colors, you have a greater influence and impact on those around you. Not only that, you also look and feel great. There is no substitute for the way you look and feel when you wear the most complimentary colors to suit your skin, hair, eyes — and even your freckles, and tooth enamel.

The right colors

Never underestimate the power of color analysis. Color is a big part of your image, you need to find out what colors work best for you and wear them all the time. By knowing your personal colors you will be able to select your outfits and color combinations with confidence. Wearing the right colors for your clothing, accessories, hair, and makeup will make you look younger, slimmer, healthier, and more vibrant. 

Color can also impact people’s moods in many ways. Think of how you feel during a gray cloudy day vs how you feel during a bright sunny day. Keeping color in mind when you’re choosing your outfits allows you to invite the feelings you want others to experience. Understand the message you want to send and choose your colors accordingly. When you know and apply the right colors to your image, you’ll shine. This is what gives you an edge when it comes to your personal and professional image.

The wrong colors

It is said that no amount of high-end fashion, expensive haircuts, best brand make-up, or even plastic surgery will hide the negative effects of wearing the wrong colors. The wrong colors just do not harmonize and will cause your complexion to appear tired, older, dull, and uninteresting. The wrong colors can even make you look sick, granting you the day off work if necessary. Also the wrong colors bring out imperfections such as bags, wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, etc. If you have dark facial hair, it shows a lot more when you’re wearing the wrong colors.

While these are all unfortunate occurrences, this is the reality of wearing colors that clash with your natural coloring. You can hire a tailor to make clothes bigger or smaller but, the wrong color you cannot fix. When you invest in a color analysis with a certified image consultant, you enable yourself to stop wasting money on the wrong colors. An image consultant can teach you the elements of color fashion experts and make-up artists use to mix and match outfits and create stunning make-up color combinations.

Finding the right colors

A professional color analysis preformed by a certified image consultant is the best way to ensure you’re selecting the right colors for you. During your color analysis you will be draped with different colors and you can see how the colors react differently with your skin. When draped with the right colors wrinkles will appear to lessen and you’re going to look younger, brighter, and healthier. An image consultant not only knows how to make her clients look good but, look great.

We can all wear most colors however, it is the specific hue, clarity, contrast, and undertone that make the difference. Because we all have different skin, hair, and eyes with different undertones we have to find our personal colors that enhance and blend with our natural coloring. A properly trained image consultant will not only consider your skin, hair, and eyes but also your personality too.

Taking everything into account

The very first thing everyone will notice about you is the color you’re wearing. Wearing the right colors in your makeup, clothing, and accessories can balance and enhance your entire look. Making you look good and feel better about yourself no matter what size, shape, or age you are. A professional image consultant can help you find the right colors for you personally with a service called color analysis. If you want to be noticed, respected, and remembered wear your personal colors.